I Wanna Hold Your Hand

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I wanna hold your hand

When you want to fight 
When you refuse to get up from the bed
Hands clench blanket tight 
When your thoughts are jumbled
Run! Hit! Freeze!
When it’s too early
The dark of the morning scares away the future of promise
When "leave me alone"
Is what you think you want
When everyone else is asleep
It’s only you and I, me and you, with our bedroom lights on
When it’s too early to be hungry and 
You’re too hungry to move
When tangled insides scream NO!
Can’t do this any more

I wanna hold your hand
Squeeze it tight
Make little circles on the top of your palm
While you cry
While you breathe
In and out

I want to hold your hand but
Can't make it go away
Bring in the morning sun
Believe it can be done
Give you the strength to wake up
Take the covers off

I wanna hold your hand

So lay your head back down
Listen to the words I say
Tell me what you need
I’ll listen to the words you say

Do you wanna hold my hand?

Anna Valdez


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